New Everton assistant manager Francisco de Miguel Moreno has given his first interview with the club website.

De Miguel worked with new Everton boss Rafa Benitez at Newcastle as part of a 14-year working relationship.

And he explained why his role is slightly different to the one you’d expect an assistant manager to carry out.

“My role is a bit different from the one usually for an assistant manager… I am in charge of the methodology and putting the big picture together,” said De Miguel.

“I know what Rafa wants because we have been working so many years together. I am focused on performance – and when we are talking about performance, we are talking not just the fitness.

“We try to analyse everything during the day… and ensure every player has what he needs; in terms of fitness, technical and tactical information. Sometimes, people think performance is to cover certain metres or the intensity.

“For us, it is much more than that. It is to be very clear on every player’s profile, in which areas he can improve as an individual and improve the team. You need to know in which areas you are weak and strong and try to improve in the gaps we have already found for all of them.”

Benitez’s appointment of course hasn’t been positively received by everyone with Everton connections.

But having people around him that he can trust will help with dealing with that pressure.

Work on the training ground will be vital if Everton are to get where they want to go.

So let’s see how his methods – and the way his coaching staff implement them – work out.