The government has asked for more time to review Everton’s proposals for a new stadium, as per the BBC.

The plans to build a new ground at the Bramley-Moore dock were approved by the council last month.

But the project needs final approval from the government and given the scale of the proposal, an extension to the 21-day window has been allowed.

This does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary and is normal because of the size of the £500 million plans.

Everton FC Secure Planning Permission For New Stadium
(Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

That hasn’t stopped some Toffees fans on social media worrying, especially as it comes on the back of a bad result against Burnley.

But some others are completely relaxed about the update, because it is par for the course.

Everton want to be in their new ground by 2024 and hope to be in the Champions League next season.

Here’s how the news went down with some fans on Twitter:

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